Snail slime and psoriasis

How does the composition of snail slime improve psoriasis?

Psoriasis appears on the skin in the form of flaky patches, known as plaques. People with the condition suffer from the embarrassment, pain and appearance of these lesions. Snail slime is recognised to have numerous properties that can improve psoriasis, such as its regenerating, nourishing and soothing effects.

# 1

Vitamins A & C for a moisturising effect

Present of course in food, vitamins A and C are excellent for improving the moisturisation of the skin. They are even more effective when they are applied topically to the affected areas. Flaky psoriasis patches lead to extreme dryness of the skin, so an effective moisturiser is a real plus.

Vitamins A & C for a moisturising effect
Allantoin and collagen for healing
# 2

Allantoin and collagen for healing

Allantoin is the secret remedy that allows snails to repair their shell when it splits. Applied to human skin, this ingredient boosts regeneration. Moreover, the combination of allantoin and collagen in a skin care product ensures optimal improvement of psoriasis patches.

# 3

Elastin restores suppleness

Psoriasis is very damaging for the skin. Skin is sore and feels unpleasant on a daily basis. In losing its elasticity, the skin struggles to regain the appearance it had prior to the appearance of the plaque. Providing elastin, a protein found naturally in snail slime, is essential. It makes dealing with psoriasis much easier.

Allantoin to repair skin

Step-by-step guide to alleviating psoriasis



Cleanse your skin gently with RoyeR Makeup Removing Milk for the face or our Soap for the body.



Calm inflammation and soothe itching with proper moisturisation, using our RoyeR snail slime Face Cream or Body Lotion.


For Hair

Using our RoyeR Shampoo with snail slime slows the appearance of psoriasis patches on the scalp and enables the skin to repair faster.

Our snail slime products to soothe psoriasis

Choosing the right anti-wrinkle snail slime cream

As we like to tell people, it was handling the snails at the family farm that gave us at Royer the idea to launch our own range of snail slime creams. Our hands were much softer and smoother as a result of touching the slime. We therefore thought there could be a benefit from a cosmetics point of view. And we weren’t wrong! To ensure the effectiveness of snail slime on your wrinkles, here are three points not to forget.

Fresh mucin for combating wrinkles effectively

The effectiveness of a cosmetic product largely depends on the percentage of active ingredients it contains. Therefore, in order for a snail slime cream to have a potent effect on your wrinkles, it must contain fresh slime (also known as mucin) and not slime extract, as is the case with some creams. So make sure you read the ingredients before you buy. At RoyeR Cosmétique, we exclusively use fresh snail mucin in the production of creams and other skincare products, which guarantees you an effective product for minimising wrinkles.

Natural ingredients for smoothing out wrinkles the gentle way.

The effectiveness a snail slime cream on your wrinkles is an important factor, but there are other things to consider, too. It is just as crucial that the cream is not aggressive on your skin and that it protects it day in, day out. To be sure of this, we once again recommend looking at the product composition and opting for a cream made from natural ingredients. At RoyeR Cosmétique, all of our snail slime products are certified Cosmebio and made with 99% natural ingredients.

A controlled production process for responsible wrinkle prevention.

It is important that you know what you are putting on your wrinkles and on your skin in general. You are entitled to know the full story behind your snail cream, especially how it is produced. For that, you need a cream that ensures traceability.

At RoyeR Cosmétique, the transparency of our products is something we feel strongly about. We believe that we owe it to our customers. It is also a matter of pride – our commitment to the quality of our creams and cosmetics is constant. The manufacturing of our products is 100% local for a thoroughly controlled production process. Our snails are raised at our farm in Les Herbiers and our laboratory is located nearby in Nueil-les-Aubiers.

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