Our organic certifications

Organic Farming

Organic farming

Organic Agriculture certification ensures that the product is 100% organic for unprocessed products. Or contains at least 95% organic products for processed products. This certifies that the slime from our snails comes from organic snails.

To obtain this certification, you must have successfully passed all the mandatory stages of the control. It provides the guarantee that the products are natural, respectful of the environment and animal welfare and without the use of synthetic chemicals or GMOs.

Ecocert Certification

Ecocert is an organization that has issued certifications to products from organic farming since 1991.

They support all farmers and producers for a more environmentally friendly approach. To issue their certification, Ecocert experts must go to the field to verify that each point of the organic farming regulations is respected. The expertise mobilizes several specialists:

-field inspectors,

- the certification officers,

- spontaneous controls.

Our slime extraction process has therefore been subjected to various Ecocert tests. To issue the official document, the organization followed a meticulous protocol to verify that our system did not endanger the environment and the animal.

Cosmebio certification

Cosmebio Certification

To benefit from the Cosmébio label according to the Cosmo Organic specifications, the product must contain at least the total of the product:

- 95% minimum of ingredients of natural origin

- 95% minimum of organic ingredients on all ingredients that can be organic

- 20% minimum of organic ingredients on the total product (10% for rinse-off products and minerals - water and minerals considered non-organic because they are not grown!)